Sandy Scenes Dolphin and Shark Photos

      Below are dolphin pictures taken from St Andrews State Park and while with Flippers Dolphin Tours here in Panama City Beach, Florida. The crew at Flippers are very nice local people and the captains will go out of the their way to show you cool stuff such as different types of crabs, help you find sand dollars as big as your hand, and make your tour a fun time so be sure to bring your camera like I did have some fun!
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                                                       Flippers Dolphin Tour June 13 2013         


                        During some of the St. Andrews State Park surfer shoots dolphins jumped out of the waves!

  September 5 2013 I went to the state park early in the morning around 7:30am. A park ranger told me that there was an 8ft hammerhead around the end of the pier. When I got to the end "Steve" the dolphin (fisherman named him cause hes always hanging around) was there showboating. He a playful cool dolphin that DOES NOT steal your catch when you hook a fish. About 20mins later the 8ft hammerhead came cruising in from the shark channel. Normally sharks and dolphins are natural enemies but "Steve" the dolphin didn't seem to care that the hammerhead was hanging around! I took some unbelievable shots that locals that have lived here forever have never seen.... a dolphin and a hammerhead together!

    September 6 2013 I went back to the state park to see if "Steve" the dolphin or the hammerhead shark was there. The hammerhead shark was no where to be found but "Steve" the dolphin was there showboating as usual. Each time someone caught a fish Steve wouldn't attack it cause he knew it was on a hook. Instead he waited until the fish was released and then swam up fast and ate them! "Steve" the dolphin would sometimes swim real fast and jump out of the water putting on a real show! After watching him I think he was a release dolphin from Gulf World cause he seems to really like people and puts on a show. He is the same dolphin that didn't mind the hammerhead shark hanging around. He is by far the coolest dolphin EVER giving me the best dolphin pictures I have ever taken!
                       More dolphin pics and a sea turtle!