Island Time Sailing


Our first time on the Island Time was July 4th 2014 for the sunset and fireworks cruise. We are so glad we chose the Island Time! The crew is full of very nice people and Capt. Gordon is one of the coolest people we have ever met! He positioned us perfectly for the firework show after we sailed into the sunset and back! We enjoyed the Island Time so much that we have been repeat costumers. The July 4th cruise was a blast and if you missed it you missed a great time! Join them next year. We sure will!

                                         I.T.S. 001

                                       I.T.S. 003

                                      I.T.S. 005

                                          I.T.S. 007

I.T.S. 009

                                        I.T.S. 011

                                       I.T.S. 013

                                      I.T.S. 015

I.T.S. 017

I.T.S. 019

I.T.S. 021

I.T.S. 023

                                              I.T.S. 002

                                              I.T.S. 004
                                           I.T.S. 006

                                              I.T.S. 008

                                           I.T.S. 010
                                         I.T.S. 012

                                        I.T.S. 014

                                          I.T.S. 016

I.T.S. 018

IT.S. 020

I,T,S, 022

I.T.S. 024