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Family shoots, single shoots, local event shoots, birthday parties, new born shoots, weddings or family reunions! does them all!
Photo shoots starting at $100!


                                                                                So how do you set up a shoot with me?
                                                                     It's easy, just do the following:
  1. Fill out a "Contact Form" or email me directly at I will try respond within 24 hours and we can discuss the time and place for the shoot. 
  2. Print out the "Image Release Form" form. Once you have Printed the form, please read and sign the form and bring it with you to the shoot, along with 50% down payment for the shoot.
  3. Once all photos have been taken and placed on a DVD-R DISK (I provide) or SD CARD or USB DEVICE (if you provide one) will be given to the client. The client must bring the other 50% of payment in order to recieve the RAW image files of the shoot. Book a shoot and lets get the shoots you have always wanted!

  • Includes all RAW IMAGE FILES taken during the shoot, untouched, unedited, on a DVD-R or CD-R! $20 add-on charge for editing and enhancing pictures. Pictues will be in a different folder along with all RAW image files.

  • ***If you have chosen the enhancement package there will be another folder marked "EDITED" along side your "RAW" folder***

  •  Imagine having your own stunning professional grade pictures, shot by a photographer who has an eye for only the best shots. Don't be afraid to ask me if you would like to do certain poses to get the pic you've always wanted. I will work with you to make sure we aquire that shot you've always wanted! Our background will be the World's Most Beautiful Beaches here in Panama City Beach, Florida! Email for more info on prices of photo shoots!


Coming soon SANDY SCENES CALENDARS. Want a calendar with the lightning pictures you've just seen or maybe those beautiful shoreline sunsets? Want one with alligators and other wildlife? Contact me at and we will discuss pricing.

See an image you like? Email me and well discuss pricing and enlargement sizes.

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