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Storm spotting, storm chasing and storm photography.
Me in my zone during the elements I enjoy the most!

Met "The Legend" Jim Cantore
during Tropical Storm Debby
  Interviewed about the Florida Ice Storm 2013

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      Hello and welcome to SandyScenes.com. My name is Joseph Mandeville and I'm the photographer and owner of SandyScenes.com. Here is a little about myself. I was raised on the paradise island we locals know as Panama City Beach, Florida. I was born over the bridge in Panama City, Florida in late July of 1979. I was raised on the beach and lived here my whole life. Growing up here was truly a blast and a blessing. The beach, the great summers, the fishing and of course the thunderstorms all made a great childhood. Now that I'm older I see the true beauty of Panama City Beach you don't see as a kid growing on the beach. Beginning the 2000 year I got a disposable camera and a camcorder and became a storm chaser. For several years I would listen to AM radio stations to pick up lightning from nearby thunderstorms and set out to capture the storms. In 2006 that was replaced by mobile radar and handheld lightning tracking apps.  In 2008 I became a CERTIFIED SKYWARN SPOTTER with the National Weather Service in Tallahassee, Florida and also storm spot and take pictures for WJHG News Channel 7 and WMBB News 13 both local news station in the area. If you watch the evening news on a day you may see my work on the evening weather. My work has also made the front page of The News Hearld July 6 2013 with a picture of a lady being rescued by a deputy from her submerged vehicle on July 4th 2013. I have quite the collection of storm and lightning pics as you can see some on this site. I recently got a Canon Rebel T7i DSLR camera to go with my Canon Rebel T3 and T3i DSLR camera, which both have opened the doors to so many awesome and unique pictures plus gets the most professional grade picture for beach shoots, family shoots, lightning shoots, and wildlife shoots. Panama City, Florida is home and I wouldnt have it any other way. I hope you enjoy the pictures here on SandyScenes.com. Thanks for you time and please share with friends and family. If you would like to schedule a shoot please feel free to email me or go to the contact me page and fill out a form. If you are interested in any picture seen here please email me and we will discuss pricing. Calendars? Email me and we'll get it going! 
Thanks again!   
-Joseph Mandeville                           J.Mandeville@Sandyscenes.com
going on air to talk about lightning!

Doing what I love and loving what Im doing!

skywarn storm spotting and storm chasing

Skywarn storm spotting

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