Florida ICE STORM 2014

                FLORIDA ICE STORM JANUARY 29 2014

Panama City Beach, Florida was hit by the biggest winter weather event since the snow of 1989. An ICE STORM like no other the beaches have ever seen hit during the early morning hours of January 29th 2014 shutting down the county and most of the cities in Bay County among several other cities in around the Florida panhandle, Alabama, and Georgia. We went to the I-10 corridor in northern Walton County in Florida. There we took pics of a heavily iced over truck and sleet/snow on the ground. We drove through some sleet and freezing rain to get back to the beach. A few hours later the beach got hit by heavy sleet and some snow after a freezing rain event. The outcome was iced over cars, trucks, streets and bridges. All 3 bridges that lead in and out of Panama City Beach, Florida were closed due to heavy incing. The ice storm dropped enough ice on the ground that it stayed for 2 days and played havoc on the bridges and overpasses for 2 more days until temps rose high enough to start to melt the ice that covered the whole area.

I.S.2014 001

I.S.2014 003

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